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    "Tracker" tour 2015 : the MarkOnTour is back !   

    Tracker tour

    Take alook at the MarkOnTour to follow the 2015 tour.


    Tour 2013 : kick-off gig in Bucharest

    Setlist, links, videos, reviews on the Bucharest's concert page.

    Just for the pleasure, here is "Yon Two Crows" live 2013 :)


    Tour 2013 : let's go !

    Privateering tour

    Browse the MarkOnTour

    I wish you good gigs !


    US tour 2012 : listen to "Yon Two Crows" live @ Winnipeg

    Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler

    A first audio 2012 recording has appeared :)

    Here is "Yon Two Crows" live, my favourite track from "Privateering".

    Enjoy !


    US tour 2012 : Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler on the road again !

    Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler

    The US kickoff date has taken place yesterday night in Winnipeg.
    More informations here.

    All the dates are in the MarkOnTour.


    local-hero.org : new feature !

    I have built what was around in my head since one year : a slideshow for the pics !

    On each concert's page where there are pics hosted on flickr or picasa, there is now a button which fires a slideshow that makes you view each pic in big size.

    Want an example ? No problem, take a look here.


    Tour 2011 : Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler, videos and audio

    Several videos have been added for Dublin, Glasgow #1 and Manchester.

    Explore the MarkOnTour to view them all :-)

    Discover the three new MK songs from the second night in Glasgow : "Corned Beef City", "Privateering" and "Haul Away".


    Tour 2011 : Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler, a video from the kickoff night in Dublin


    Tour 2011 : Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler on the road !

    Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler

    The kickoff date has taken place yesterday night in Dublin.

    More informations in the concert's page.


    Tour 2011 : Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler together this fall for a european tour

    Bob Dylan & Mark Knopfler

    Mark Knopfler will be on stage with Bob Dylan for around thirty dates this fall through Europe.

    Most of the presales begin this monday at 9am, so hurry up :-)

    More details in the MarkOnTour.


    Archives : BBC Four documentary "A life in songs"

    If you have missed the documentary about Mark's career "A life in songs" broadcasted on BBC4, here is a chance to see it in four parts :


    Gerry Rafferty has died

    Gerry Rafferty

    Sad news, the scottish singer/songwriter Gerry Rafferty has died this tuesday 4th of january, aged 63. He had sung on The Way It Always Starts from the Local Hero movie soundtrack. Mark had played on his album Another World in 2002.

    Spotify Listen with Spotify

    We owe him the 70's hits Baker Street (1978) and Stuck in the Middle With You.

    In Gerry's memory here is the video clip of Baker street (this street is worldly known since the british writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had made his heroes Sherlock Holmes and the Docteur Watson live there) with the famous saxophone riff and the guitar solo :


    local-hero.org : v3 launched

    As Mark will be tonight in Paris Bercy I officially launch the version 3 of this website, even if the new features have appeared week after week since the beginning of the tour :

    • new design
    • a gallery widget on each concert page (which dynamically retrieve the pics from the flickr and picasa links)
    • a calendar to simplify the navigation through the tour dates
    • creation of a Twitter account so that you can easily follow the updates
    • buttons added to the social networks to share the links with your friends
    • a widget dedicated to the official recordings (simfylive)
    • a chat to discuss live

    I hope you will like the 2010 version of the website, I have worked on it for hours :-) Enjoy the gigs and don't forget to leave your reviews !


    Alchemy released in DVD & Blu-Ray on 10th of May

    More than 25 years after this mythical gig, the official DVD & Blu-Ray release will be out the 10th May 2010. For this release the sound has been remixed in 5.1 surround by Chuck Ainlay and the image has been restored.

    Hmmm, this trailer brings good memories back. Impressive picture ! You can notice that Mark's voice is different that what we used to hear.

    After the double LP, the double K7, the double CD, the VHS, the Laserdic and the bootleg DVD it's decided : I'm going to buy a Blu-Ray player !

    Hmmmmmmm great news ! You can preorder it on amazon.

    Tour 2010 : all about the concerts

    Follow the tour with the MarkOnTour : dates, setlists, reviews, photos, ...


    Tip: if you are registered to the MarkOnTour and if you want to add/modify your comment about a concert,
    you just need to go to the "See my concerts" section and to click on "Modify".

    Enjoy the concerts !