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  14.06.2006    Mark watson
Did you know that a local from pennan scotland has set up a vineyard in Margaret River, Australia. www.pennanwines.com.au
  31.05.2006    Bente
I\'ll had a great evening in Copenhagen.
It was a wonderfull koncert, and i\'m crazy about Mikes music. Thank you very much from Denmark
  26.05.2006    Laura (Italy)
I saw his concert in Florence last year!There was a particular atmosphere..the band was fantastic and he was superlative! I met some very nice persons, Celeste and Alessandro, Samuele and Sara....and I thank Daniele so much for this experience!
  24.05.2006    djole
I am a great fan of Dire Straits.Fantastic music!
Mark we are waiting for you to come to Belgrade.
  07.05.2006    Bert Barbey
I am looking forward to MK/EH live in Zurich June 2, 2006. Did anybody see them on stage? Cheers Bert
  04.03.2006    martin - Germany   
i'm a great fan of the dire straights and esp. ofc. mark knopfler.

last posts in gb i can see only some urls mayb sth. wrong with my browser.

is ther any more detailled info bout that ONE concert ?

i mean calling it tour is a bit untrue when it's one concert.

i wanne be there right in the centre :)
  11.02.2006    Muggins
I wish with all my heart that we could get Mark to a concert tour of Australia. My 34th wedding anniversary approaches, and tickets to such a concert would be the most wonderful gift I could give my husband who is an ardent fan (I'm a great fan also).
  01.02.2006    Mark Omdalen - USA   
Mark helped us get through Catrina (Hurricane}The music made us think and was sooo soothing.
  30.01.2006    Millan
The most cool, calm man in the world on the stage w / the most beautiful, powerful songs fm him. I realized that I found for the first time in my life for "The sexiest man" in the world, until my Joan gave me his DVD-93. without seeing him, already I was in love with his songs, now I can't stop love him more... I am afriad my DVD is going to burn out...
  14.12.2005    Rhonda Love - USA   
Just found Mark's music - better late than never. So beautiful.

Just got my first album - Sailing to Philadelphia. Heard the song "What It Is" in Austin as I was leaving and only caught the words - Charlotte Street, walking stick, and little Nell.

A song writer friend in Canada instantly knew the song, singer, and album. So here is this new fan listening contentedly.
  22.11.2005    Pat Adams
I'm a big Mark Knopfler fan and went to see him at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and took pictures which I have on my website at www.tennesseeconcerts.com
  12.08.2005    Brother in Arms
Happy birthday Mark
  09.08.2005    Telmo Marques - Portugal   
I saw the concert in portugal and it was absolutely brilliant. Mark is on the top of his game. He´s truly a very talented and gifted songwriter and guitarist. Hope to see him again soon. Best wishes. Telmo Marques
  31.07.2005    Kelly Pates
I went to the Nashville show at the Ryman. I have been to many concerts in 35 years. This was the top. I am knocked out by Mark's complex simplicity. Lyrics, guitar work and stories. The band, acoustics and soundman were flawless. I am a musician in Mississippi. We played over 200 times last year so I know a little bit about when things go right. This show could not have been more right. Mark is a Stand Up Guy.

  24.07.2005    bjt
It feels like I have waited forever to see Mark. We saw Mark et all at Radio City; I will never, ever forget
how awesome the experience was. Flawless, mesmerizing, an experience we will talk about, and feel, forever.
Mark, be back soon...please!
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