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  04.11.2013    Deborah P.
Went to the Las Vegas show. Front row, woohoo, awesome!! The Pearl Theater at The Palms Casino is a great venue anyhow, just add some Mark, Richard, John, Guy, Ian, Jim, Mike, Glenn, Tim, and Nigel, (I think I've named all that were there..) and you've got a buttload of cooooool!! Thanks guys. I loved it.
  11.06.2013    Marithé - France   
MerKi David pour ce magnifique site, un régal ;-)
  16.05.2013    Dirk-Jan Boes - Netherlands   
What a great website for any MK fan, thanks for the hard work.
  02.05.2013    Marcia Pearl
I'm so glad I found this...thanks for your hard work.
  15.08.2012    Vincent - France   
Un grand merci pour ce site très précieux pour les passionnés de MK.
  23.11.2011    Michel Pronath - Germany   
Hi local-hero!

Been with you all the tour long.
Thanks! Great work you´ve done.
I really appreciate it!

Hope to see Mark and the band soon and looking forward to hearing the new album.


  19.05.2010    Kamel - France   
plutôt de faire l'éloge de Mark...et de dire sans arrêt "c'est le plus grand, etc etc"...Certes, c'est le roi, le sultan, la légende...ça, on le sait...je vais plutôt faire ressortir ses défauts, ça changera au moins...alors, Mark, si tu me lis, fais un régime, tu ressembles à Depardieu...ou ralentis le pinard (je sais que tu aimes le vin)...ensuite, ça fait un bail que tu n'as pas ressorti ta pensa-suhr mk 1, sors à nouveau ce bijou...et laisse de côté tes pensa custom, que je trouve moins belles...ensuite, Mark, laisse toi pousser les cheveux, ça te va mieux, on dirait mon grand père comme ça, avec les tifs courts...et arrête de porter des jeans 90 fois trop larges ! et dis moi, c'est Antoine qui te conseille les chemises ? faut arrêter Mark ! à Knebworth ou à Montserrat t'as tombé le costard ! là on dirait un castreur de maïs ! ensuite Mark, quand tu viens à tarata en France, ne nous joue pas qu'un seul morceau ! c'était cool, mais trop frustrant ! ensuite, en concert, rejoue nous "money for nothing" et "walk of life"...ça me manque...et pour finir...on a tous compris que tu ne voulais plus reformer dire straits, trop contraignant etc, et ensuite ta nouvelle vie de famille...c'est compréhensible...mais, fais juste un seul concert en france avec dire straits, au stade de france, pour un concert de charité...stp ! (ou au stadium de toulouse, encore mieux !)...allez mark, je t'attends aux arènes de Nîmes, tu sais ces arènes, que tu connais si bien....bises Mark (mes salutations à ta femme Kitty, et tes 4 enfants..)
  29.04.2010    Kbob/331/3
fresh from your show tonight at UB (Buffalo, NY); I have a lot I want to convey and will later but thank you for such a tremendous show! Obviously you were "pinched" (not stolen) but you continued on. What a superlative concert. Live concerts are very personal experiences (I submit from a fan's perspective) and your performance tonight was stirring and captivating. I often try to think about what performers are thinking while they are playing and just in case you were wondering why the audience was so quiet for many portions of the concert - while you threw out a familiar rift, or better yet while you modified a familiar rift (not a critic here so I think I am right as a fan, but ...) - they [we all] were transfixed. There was entire focus tonight. We could all see your limitation and pain tonight and you kept going, thank you for that and thanks for continuing and not simply cancelling. I hope to send an email regarding the "331/3" soon as my wife is on floor-bound due to back/nerve/vertebrae issues and my long-time friend of 35+ years that was supposed to make it tonight had to divert to Colorado because his older sister has early stages of cancer.

At any rate, thanks for the magical evening. I will locate the play list and make them both a disc based upon tonight. Just recently re-discovered "Paririe Wedding" and have been playing that for weeks. Also to include "Romeo and Juliet", which was a period tune for me and my wife....amazing. Good luck with pinch and hope you get rid of that.
  05.03.2010    Emmanuel GENET - France   
Magnifique travail que ce site. J'en ai largement profité lors de la dernière tournée et en attente de la prochaine comme d'hab au Rockhall de Luxembourg :) :)

PS : Pour les liens youtube ... entièrement d'accord avec vous, a une exception pret ... j'adore la perfection de Mark ... mais quid d'une vidéo officielle qui permettrait d'immortaliser notre souvenir.
  30.01.2010    Tom Davis
Great Site. Love Listening to Mark Play. Wish He'd come to Vegas sometime soon. Go out to a Kerioke Bar, Hope he don't get sick lol. Love to see more of his Guitar Collection. Best wishes on your Music Mark.
  03.04.2009    JEB BUCKINGHAM
Dearest Mr. Knopfler,

Local hero is STILL such a wonderful movie after all these years, and I STILL watch it a couple times a year! But it wouldn't be the timeless great movie that it is without the absolutely magnificent soundtrack music that you provided for it! You are a musical GENIUS!

Thank you SO MUCH for making "Local Hero" what it is today, a VERY enjoyable film because of YOUR music! Keep up the good work, best wishes to you always, in the future, and continued success in your career.


  09.07.2008    heartsound
Saw Mark & band in Stuttgart 2008-05-07 it was an outstanding gig. "Telegraph Road" and "Speedway at Nazareth" life were awesome.

Amazing show, I'm looking forward to the next tour!!

Regards to US and enjoy the shows, folks

Take care
  26.06.2008    John Mahon - USA   
Once every two years on the west coast of America isn't near enough, but I will definitely take what I can get.
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